Wedding Menu: Treat Your Guests!

Cheers to the one that you love!

The wedding menu at the wedding is the most important thing to consider for the upcoming celebration. 

If there’s one thing your guests will never forget about your wedding aside from your dress and the venue, it’s the FOOD!

It is an exciting activity in the wedding process because you will try different types of delicious food from various restaurants here in Davao City. 

The food tasting is not just a simple tasting. The chosen wedding menu are unique as you are, and that is why we create personalized menus for every bride and groom. It reflects your personal and unique taste and style; food and beverage offerings at the wedding are carefully planned to ensure quantity, quality, and exceptional guests’ presentation. 

But it is a long process when you are thinking about wedding planning.  You keep on thinking about what to do, the wedding dates, the wedding accessories, the wedding venue, the guest’s list, and what kind of food and beverages you should offer. 

Sit back and relax! The Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding will help you and provide all your needs. On the flip side, a wedding planner will be the one to collaborate and consult with the prestigious and fabulous catering restaurants that serve exceptional food and will also cater for wedding food and beverages near your area. Also, Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding will offer you the types of wedding packages that suit your budget. 

But before deciding what food to prepare for the wedding, you need to know what kind of food is available at a wedding venue. You need to call a wedding planner, fairy godmother, to be exact. 

Wedding Menu Tips you might want to consider before choosing your food and drinks.

  1. Know your wedding budget to get the best wedding package.
  2. Know your guests – Remember, even if it’s your big day, you need to consider your guests’ taste buds.
  3. Know your style – through the help of your wedding planner, all you have to do is to sit, taste, and decide.

Many things need to be considered when thinking about the wedding menu that will be featured during your wedding day. To secure a successful and stress-free wedding planning process, be sure to remember the essential planning tips. Remember to have fun with your food choice and add unique elements to distinguish the food.

Are you looking for quality service and high-end food?

We recommend Cinci’s Bar and Restaurant. The owner and staffs are very accommodating, neat, hospitable, kind, and well-trained waiters. Make your wedding day memorable with Cinci’s Bar and Restaurant. 

Wedding menu in Davao

This restaurant serves different kinds of food that you might like.


  • Thai Spicy Beef
  • Sweet and Spicy Beef
  • Beef Brisket
  • Beef Broccoli
  • Beef in Hoisan, etc.


  • Pork Steak
  • Pork Tausi
  • Pork Tonkatsu


  • Lemon Glazed Chicken
  • Thai Lemon Grass Chicken
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Garlic Chicken, etc.


  • Buttered Shrimp
  • Mixed Seafood, etc.


  • Baked Vegetables
  • Shanghai Lumpia
  • Buttered Vegetables, etc.


  • Spaghetti
  • Carbonara
  • Fruits
  • Salad, etc.

To make the dining experience special, add wedding ideas and tips and tricks for better intimate wedding planning

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