Rings & Bouquet is the First Intimate Wedding Planner in Davao

The First Intimate Wedlock Party in Davao

Back in 2020, just when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit globally, event practitioners in Davao city were feeling so down that everyone was hopeless and anxious that we would not be able to make ends meet for the rest of the months while the lock down was implemented. As a matter of fact, Davao City went under enhanced community quarantine on April 4, 2020. If my memory serves me right, it was the darkest time in the event industry as we braced for very tough times.

Anyhow, while everyone else was not seeing any light, Ross Bato, the CEO of Rings & Bouquet Events Management Services thought of offering low rates for wedlock parties that would only cater to a very limited number of guests. She seemed to be a laughing stock back then — but she sought it as an advantage on her end.

We had our first intimate wedding party at Cinci’s Bar and Restaurant. Rings & Bouquet Team made it so good for Dexter and Ann. It’s the most unforgettable tying of know that I have hosted for as I was chose in an instant to be part of their secondary sponsors. I also can not forget this very day as I assisted Ma’am Ross with the styling.

Admittedly, I found it a bit hard to do the emceeing as I had to deliver a not-so-ordinary hosting stint. In my blog on “3 emceeing adjustments in times of COVID“, I have shared my musing points on how challenging it is to emcee during such trying times. I am forever grateful as I have learned how to emcee an intimate wedding party in this time of pandemic.

I am so proud of what Rings & Bouquet has gone in just a matter of year. It has obviously curved its name as the queen of intimate wedding here in the metro. With its fruitful experience, learn about the sweet ideas from the best intimate wedding planner in Davao city.

Why choose Rings & Bouquet as an Intimate Wedding Planner in Davao

I believe that the credibility and success of an intimate wedding planner lies on the social proofs that become trust signals for future clients.

This is but one of the many reasons why Rings & Bouquet is a family to many couples. Whether you are on a tight budget, or you want your BIG day to be very grand, ma’am Ross Bato has a generous heart to extend her services. You can never go wrong with your signature wedding planner in Davao.