Wedding Planner: The Salient Role In Your Dream Wedding

Wedidng planner

Why Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner is someone who will organize and manage your memorable day and that is your wedding day. A wedding is a sacred ceremony that the couple wants to be perfect and memorable. On the other side, wedding planning is not easy as one, two, three. You need to think carefully about your first wedding plan. Yes, we have many ideas on what kind of wedding we should want in the future. We keep on thinking about the motif, the theme, the gown, the perfect venue, the location, the number of guests that we need to invite, etc. But the first thing that goes into our minds is the budget and many more. 

But how can this perfect wedding take place?

Wedding Planner

The answer is simple. Hire a wedding planner at Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding. You may need a wedding planner if: 

  1. You are away from your wedding checklist and schedule. 
  2. You both work full-time jobs that will prevent you from meeting with vendors on the workday. 
  3. You have no other outside help like an involved mother-of-the-bride, helpful bridesmaids, or knowledgeable friends.

A Wedding planner can do all the requirements. A Wedding Planner is responsible for assisting clients planning the entire wedding activities. Although a good event planner is not cheap, he/she can often save you from making costly mistakes. 

To lighten your knowledge, here are the things a wedding planner does:

  • Setting up a realistic wedding budget (that’s the couple’s usual problem)
  • Developing a wedding master plan that mapped out all the little details, from the music ceremony to the favors
  • Showing you the best locations in the area, considering your wedding size, guests, budget, and vision (respecting your ideas is one of the best qualities of the Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding does)
  • Finding the top florist for your wedding bouquet and other flower decorations, but no need to worry about the flowers and bouquets and other decorations such as the bridesmaid’s flowers, designs and motifs in the aisle, and the venue. The Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding will be the one to create the bouquet wholeheartedly with your personal choice of flowers.
  • Calling the professional photographer, supplier, band, host, and other vendors in your price range
  • Cutting you deals option: Consultants bring volume to vendors favored, so vendors will often reciprocate by reducing prices or throwing away extras
  • Read all of your vendor contracts to make sure everything is present and correct in accordance with your best interests.
  • Creates a day -of a (or weekend) timeline that tells everyone involved in the planning process – vendors, wedding party members, you, and your families – when to do
  • Handling and making wedding invitations 
  • Telling the people that involve in the wedding about proper behavior and what is prominent before the wedding
  • Wedding day management: supervises vendors, setup, makeup, and delivery; handling emergencies and other necessities needed in event planning.
  • Serves as your spokesperson, conveying your every wish and desire to vendors or family members if you don’t deal with doing it yourself
  • Helping plan and book your honeymoon (Ofcourse – most wedding planners will handle your travel plans too!)
Wedding planner in Davao

This article is an “eye-opener” to the people who wants to have a unique, beautiful, and affordable wedding day.

Having an outstanding event in your life is a very extraordinary and immeasurable moment that no one will take it away from you. They say a wedding planner is the same as a fairy godmother who will make your wish come true and will do almost all the requirements for your grand wedding. 

Therefore, the wedding planner is always reliable and flexible at all times because you have nothing else to do but update on what’s going on in your master plan, relax and wait for the day that you will say “I do.” No more worrisome and stressful moments. 

Wedding Planning

What are you waiting for? Flick your finger and hire Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding. With their helping hands and unique ideas, your dream wedding will happen for you.

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So what are you waiting for? Dream now, and we will make it happen for you! Talk To Us <3

Sweet Ideas from the Best Intimate Wedding Planner in Davao City

intimate wedding planner in davao

The best intimate wedding planner in Davao City suggests couples should be creative when planning their big day. This goes even if you want an intimate wedding with only a few dozens of guests. Why? Because this is your big day, and you want it to be remarkable for you, your loved one, and everybody in the event.

But the intimate wedding planner in Davao City also knows that just being creative isn’t easy for many couples today. That is why the expert wedding planner presents some ideas that would help you. You can choose to follow these ideas, or make a plan with these points as your guide.

Of course, you can also get the services of the best intimate wedding planner in Davao City to help you. Then talk with them about these ideas or some other dreams that you want to fulfill on your upcoming wedding.

Fantastic Ideas from the Best Intimate Wedding Planner in Davao City

Make a Personalized Wedding Vow

Make a Personalized Wedding Vow

Sure, you can stick to the traditional wedding vow for your wedding. But it’s great when you and your loved one make your unique vows. Writing your own words for it is a fun, sweet, and remarkable experience to remember.

Take Time Drafting Your List of Guests

Take Time Drafting Your List of Guests

You’re on towards an intimate wedding. Meaning, you’d only invite not more than 75 people. Some great intimate weddings even have only around six to ten guests.

Thinking about who to invite is challenging. But only choose your closest friends and relatives for it.

Of course, you must include the best man, the maid of honor, the groom’s men, the bride’s maids, the bearers, and the sponsors too. That, if you want to complete the traditional roles in a wedding. Yes, you have the choice not to. And many intimate weddings have become fascinating without one or a few of these roles.

Make Great Impression through Invitations

Wedding Invitation by Ross Bato

Invitations don’t need to look dull and boring. You can add enough spices to them to impress your possible guests.

You can add some artworks, calligraphy, images, or some other designs to each invitation. The possibility is endless. And chances are, you have more budget for it since you only have a few guests.

Choose the Best Venue and Schedule

wedding venue davao

Choose a venue that fits your preference as a couple. Or one that is suitable for your ideal wedding event. For example, you can choose a resort for a beach wedding, a private estate for a classy ambient, or a garden that fits nature themes.

Of course, you can choose any schedule for your wedding. But be sure to book the venue for a few months before to avoid any conflicts. Also, remember that weekends are usually full, and weekdays make it harder for some of your guests to attend.

Come Up with a Remarkable Wedding Theme

May be an image of indoor

Next, you should think about the theme of your wedding. Are you going for a traditional wedding theme? Do you want everybody to wear the same color? Or do you want a certain fashion style such as formal, casual, or vintage?

Then the decors of the venue should fit well too. It must bring out the theme you want without becoming too messy.

Lastly, think about what music do you want to be played throughout the event. And who you want to play it for you. Think of a DJ, a band, or a singer.

Choose the Most Delectable Food

Wedding Food

Of course, your big day won’t be complete without delectable food. Choose dishes that fit you and your loved one’s taste. And make sure that everybody would love the food too. Then find the best catering service for the job.

Hire the Best Intimate Wedding Planner in Davao City Today

Thinking about these ideas would make you imagine an unforgettable day for you, your loved one, and your guests. That is even with the small number of people present on your big day. But if you still want more of these ideas, connect with the best intimate wedding planner in Davao City to help you.

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