WSAP to hold wedding expo in Davao

DAVAO CITY The Wedding Suppliers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (WSAP) has announced the launch of the Davao Wedding Expo at NCCC Mall Buhangin on May 27-29, 2022.

With a set of top-notch wedding suppliers in the metro, this wedding expo will showcase the latest trends in the Davao wedding industry, from the best event styling, and wedlock party portfolio, to the fashion trendsetters.

Rings & Bouquet Events Management Service, a wedding management service company based in Davao city, is going to join the roster of suppliers that will exhibit unique wedding ideas for couples who are planning to get married this year.

For more information on Davao Wedding Expo 2022, visit or visit their official Facebook page Wedding Suppliers Association of the Philippines Inc. – WSAP.

The Wedding Suppliers Association of the Philippines Inc., a non-profit organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2018, is one of the most well-known, most prominent, and fastest-growing wedding associations in the country.

3 reasons why you should never hire a wedding planner

People may say wedding planners are there to help you. In fact, much has been said that hiring a wedding planner can guarantee success on your big day. But that is not always true. In this article, I will tell you 3 things that have never been told to you by anyone. I hope that this will convince you not to hire a wedding planner if you are planning to get married anytime soon.

  • We do not meet your expectations.

A wedding planner does not settle for less. He or she always wants her client’s wedding day to be very successful and that he or she finds ways so that your wedding day is not just another ordinary day. A wedding planner is not comfortable seeing you feel stressed before the big day. He or she makes sure that you don’t miss a thing (even your veil and cord!) In others words, wedding planners do not really meet your expectation, because they succeed them.

  • We do not follow trends.

At Rings & Bouquet, we like least the idea of simply following what the past generation has done. This is the second reason why you should not hire us. We have an unpopular belief that every wedding should be unique, and that we really make sure that your wedding decors and styling are highly customized based on your preference. Just so you know, Rings & Bouquet is known for its hoops (a symbolism of infinite love – aww).

  • We do not treat you as a client.

We do not always mean business in this industry. Our past clients (oh sorry, I should say, friends and family) never once felt that it’s too hard for them to communicate to us what they really want on their big day. This is simply because we want them (and you, of course) to feel that you belong to us, not just a customer, but a treasured family whom we can keep for a lifetime. As of now, we have a humble growing number of couples whose smiles depict their satisfaction with our service. It’s priceless.

We hope that we’re able to convince you not to book us, but we also hope that you think again.

Love Language Theory: A way to strengthen relationships

How do you want to receive and express love in a relationship? This is the focus of what an author, pastor, and counselor Gary Chapman, PhD in his theory on five languages of love. Anyone in love wants to keep the relationship and so comes the need to show how love can be best demonstrated to the other half.

The Five Languages of Love

Having facilitated counseling among couples since or even before the 1990s, Dr. Chapman noted a pattern of couples’ needs of how to be loved. Over the years observing couples, he noted five love love languages that are common among love birds.

Words of Affirmation

The act of showing affection through spoken words, praise, or admiration is known as words of affirmation. Kind words of encouragement, as well as inspiring quotes, love notes, and adorable SMS messages, are all appreciated when this is someone’s primary love language. By complementing them or pointing out what they do well, you can brighten their day.

Quality Time

With this love language, full attention is used to communicate love and affection for someone. If you are present and focused on the person, they will feel loved. This entails putting down the phone, taking a break from work, making eye contact, and paying attention. Reiterate what the other person is saying and avoid giving advise.

Physical Touch

Physical affection makes a person who uses physical touch as their major love language feel cherished. Besides sex, they feel loved when their partner holds their hand, rubs their arm, or gives them a massage at the end of the day. A perfect date for this individual would entail cuddling on the couch with a glass of wine and a decent movie. They merely want to be physically close to their lover.

Acts of Service

For this love language, even the little things matter. For the ladies, this could come in the form of preparing the food for the table, helping them do the dishes, and running errands for household needs.

Receiving Gifts

When we send gifts to the ones we love the most, it’s a way to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration. We could celebrate love day by sending messages of love and affections to partners, family, and friends. We can make it even more special by accompanying messages with some presents that speak of our affection. We could send cakes, flowers, or wine.

Knowing your partner’s love language and letting them know yours can help you both feel loved and stay in love. Keep expressing your love language and see for yourself the magic it brings to the relationship.

At Rings & Bouquet, the best way to express love language if you are already sure with your “the one” is by getting married. Contact your Davao signature wedding planner today!