Wedding Packages: Elegant Yet Affordable

Wedding packages make it convenient for couples to plan their wedding, especially if they choose an all-inclusive deal. They will be given a one-stop-shop for all their wedding needs. 

Almost everyone who wants to get married wants to save. Others are looking for wedding planning tips and ideas to help them decide what is better to do and where to start.

Yes, planning for the big day is not easy, mainly since there are so many wedding packages out there. The preparation before this can push couples to another level of stress and anxiety. Some couples even look to wedding planners to help them with every aspect of their wedding planning process.

It will be best if you are planning a wedding today. But you have no idea how!

But what exactly are your questions?

  1. Who will approach the wedding planning?
  2. What are the things to do at the wedding?
  3. What are the things that are needed in wedding preparation?
  4. Are there wedding packages offered?
  5. What are wedding packages and their inclusions?

Here are some questions that keep flooding in your mind once you decide to settle down. But who can answer these questions, by the way? 

By all means, the  Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding will undoubtedly get back to you. Just flick here! Wedding Planner.

Some organizers offer different types of wedding packages that contain the items you will need. But with all-inclusive packages at Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding, your wedding planning is essentially one-and-done! You can have the best wedding you have always dreamt of.

We integrate and serve multiple vendors in a simple and personalized planning process.

These wedding packages may differ from each other; the differences depend on many factors involved in the body’s grooming decisions and the couple’s personal preferences on what the couple wants to feature on their wedding day and their price range.

However, the couple needs to know the basic and essential things that should always be included in a wedding package.

Wedding Packages and their inclusions

  • wedding food & venue
  • decors & styling    
  • photo coverage and video sde      
  • bridal car and flowers   
  • bridal car and flowers   
  • hair & make-up    
  • gowns and suits     
  • wedding accessories   
  • on the day coordinator   
  • bridal bouquet & boutonniere 
  • electronic invitation card
  • lights & sounds – wall washers, par led lights, tripod, sound system,and microphone
  • Host and spinner
  • cocktail/pica pica
  • planning & conceptualization

Are you looking for elegance but an affordable wedding within your budget?

Don’t hesitate to visit our page. 

Below are the best wedding packages that Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding can offer you.

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All of these are the few guidelines that you need to keep in mind when selecting and designating the type of wedding package you want to incorporate.

We all want to have a grand wedding, and we also wish the people who witnessed our love to be happy. It is lovely to see that our marriage went well because things like this only happen once in our lives.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t spend too much time planning your wedding. Enjoy your Big Day with Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding

Discover incredible venues, all-inclusive wedding packages to fit your budget, expert wedding planner, and trusted vendors who bring everything to life. 

Whatever you dream for your unique and special day, we can make it a reality; the Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding will make it happen for you. No matter how big or intimate you want your wedding to be, our planners will work with you to make it live.

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It is a dream come true when you choose to celebrate your big day with us. 

Wedding Planning: Wedding Ideas and Tips

Wedding planning is vital for a wedding planner. The best way to have a wonderful and memorable event is to plan it ahead of time. In an event like a wedding, we call it wedding planning. Together with the couple, the wedding planner maps and lists the details from the beginning until the end of the ceremony. 

Wedding Planner

Now that you’ve probably gotten in touch and discovered the wonderful world of weddings and wedding planning, you can be completely overwhelmed with all the information available anywhere. You have a lot of questions in your mind, such as:

  • But how do you get started? 
  • What should you do first? 
  • When should you do it? 
  • Is there a specific date and time you should be getting something done?

Before you start panicking and overreacting things, take a deep breath. Now, don’t worry because the Rings & Bouquets Events Weddings got you. We have planned a detailed wedding timeline that you can use as your guide while planning your wedding. Just remember that every wedding journey is different, so if you feel you need to tweak this timeline to suit your needs, proceed right away!

How do you start wedding planning?

Wedding planning will start with the couple’s choice of date, and the wedding planner will create the master plan and its timeline. The chosen date on which the couple wants to tie their knot is significant in making the master plan. So before thinking about the theme, motif, accessories, etc. The client should schedule the salient date for their wedding day.

Are you having a hard time thinking about the wedding plan? Here are essential tips that I would like to share with you.

  • Set your wedding budget
  • Decide the planning wedding date as early as you can
  • Pick your theme and motif. 
  • Specify the guests you want to invite (only choose real people who have been part of your story aside from your family)
  • Select the wedding location: Is it far or near?
  • Make a plan if you want a Despedida Party or not.
  • Go on food tasting: Don’t forget your guests’ preference. It is better to have an empty plate because of taste than having an expensive one but did not eat by the guests.
  • Plan the wedding venue in your price range, etc.
Wedding planning in davao city

There are lots of things that you should plan before the wedding day. Is it a lot? Yes, Indeed. But, the best tip that I will share with you is-

  • Choose your wedding planner: Don’t go any further. Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding is at your service.

Of course, with Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding’s help and unique ideas, wedding planning is just as easy as one, two, three! By hiring the team, they can ensure that your proposal budget will be enough to have a great, excellent but affordable price.

Wedding planning davao

Eventually, getting a wedding planner should be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Not only will a wedding planner provide an enjoyable and free wedding planning process, but they will also provide you with a piece of mind. The Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding wants every bride and groom to take away this. Remember that your wedding day is about the love and unity you both share.

It is not about money, logistics, and the decision-making process at the end of the day. After all, that’s for a planner. Allow yourself to be a guest at your celebration!

“…and they lived happily ever after.” We usually read this line at the end of the story in the storybook. To make it happen in a real-life situation, dream and plan your marvelous wedding with us Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding. 

Wedding planning in davao city

Please hurry up and dream with us!

Wedding Planner: The Salient Role In Your Dream Wedding

Wedidng planner

Why Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner is someone who will organize and manage your memorable day and that is your wedding day. A wedding is a sacred ceremony that the couple wants to be perfect and memorable. On the other side, wedding planning is not easy as one, two, three. You need to think carefully about your first wedding plan. Yes, we have many ideas on what kind of wedding we should want in the future. We keep on thinking about the motif, the theme, the gown, the perfect venue, the location, the number of guests that we need to invite, etc. But the first thing that goes into our minds is the budget and many more. 

But how can this perfect wedding take place?

Wedding Planner

The answer is simple. Hire a wedding planner at Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding. You may need a wedding planner if: 

  1. You are away from your wedding checklist and schedule. 
  2. You both work full-time jobs that will prevent you from meeting with vendors on the workday. 
  3. You have no other outside help like an involved mother-of-the-bride, helpful bridesmaids, or knowledgeable friends.

A Wedding planner can do all the requirements. A Wedding Planner is responsible for assisting clients planning the entire wedding activities. Although a good event planner is not cheap, he/she can often save you from making costly mistakes. 

To lighten your knowledge, here are the things a wedding planner does:

  • Setting up a realistic wedding budget (that’s the couple’s usual problem)
  • Developing a wedding master plan that mapped out all the little details, from the music ceremony to the favors
  • Showing you the best locations in the area, considering your wedding size, guests, budget, and vision (respecting your ideas is one of the best qualities of the Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding does)
  • Finding the top florist for your wedding bouquet and other flower decorations, but no need to worry about the flowers and bouquets and other decorations such as the bridesmaid’s flowers, designs and motifs in the aisle, and the venue. The Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding will be the one to create the bouquet wholeheartedly with your personal choice of flowers.
  • Calling the professional photographer, supplier, band, host, and other vendors in your price range
  • Cutting you deals option: Consultants bring volume to vendors favored, so vendors will often reciprocate by reducing prices or throwing away extras
  • Read all of your vendor contracts to make sure everything is present and correct in accordance with your best interests.
  • Creates a day -of a (or weekend) timeline that tells everyone involved in the planning process – vendors, wedding party members, you, and your families – when to do
  • Handling and making wedding invitations 
  • Telling the people that involve in the wedding about proper behavior and what is prominent before the wedding
  • Wedding day management: supervises vendors, setup, makeup, and delivery; handling emergencies and other necessities needed in event planning.
  • Serves as your spokesperson, conveying your every wish and desire to vendors or family members if you don’t deal with doing it yourself
  • Helping plan and book your honeymoon (Ofcourse – most wedding planners will handle your travel plans too!)
Wedding planner in Davao

This article is an “eye-opener” to the people who wants to have a unique, beautiful, and affordable wedding day.

Having an outstanding event in your life is a very extraordinary and immeasurable moment that no one will take it away from you. They say a wedding planner is the same as a fairy godmother who will make your wish come true and will do almost all the requirements for your grand wedding. 

Therefore, the wedding planner is always reliable and flexible at all times because you have nothing else to do but update on what’s going on in your master plan, relax and wait for the day that you will say “I do.” No more worrisome and stressful moments. 

Wedding Planning

What are you waiting for? Flick your finger and hire Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding. With their helping hands and unique ideas, your dream wedding will happen for you.

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So what are you waiting for? Dream now, and we will make it happen for you! Talk To Us <3