Start Your Forever with Rings & Bouquet

Start Your Forever with Rings & Bouquet

Wedding is one of the best experiences for couples, and the best and fulfilling experience is to have your dream wedding, and it is one of the most important and most memorable events in a couple’s life. Plus one of the most stressful events in a couple’s life. 

Who will plan a wedding?

A wedding planner will assist the couples in planning, organizing, and managing their wedding. Hiring a wedding planner is like buying and paying peace of mind, and it’s worth spending money to make sure all the details are taking care of.  

True! It is a more intimate ceremony if you can pinpoint your plan’s details or where you want to say, “I Do,” especially if the area is very memorable to the couple. The next thing that a couple should know is the wedding destination. There are many beautiful and pleasing places in the Philippines where a fancy wedding can be held near you, such as Davao City, Panabo City, Tagum City, and the Island Garden City of Samal.

Usually, before a wedding or planning to settle down with your partner forever, you need wedding planning and a wedding planner to discuss your wedding dream flow essential details. Here are some responsibilities of a wedding planner that you might want to know and consider when hiring them, just like the Rings & Bouquet Events and Weddings

what does wedding planner do

What does the wedding planner do?

If you don’t like to spend so much money on a wedding, you need a wedding planner to plan better and at less cost. Other than that a wedding planner;

  •  create a plan
  •  provide consultation
  •  sell services of vendors
  •  ensures contract are in order

On the other hand, a wedding is not as simple as you think. There are many preparations that you need to put together before your dream wedding comes true. 

From huge down to the minor details is a must. You need to think about your dream wedding theme and motif at a wedding. When choosing your wedding theme, take a little time to think about how you want to remember that day. You can browse countless Pinterest websites and boards for inspiration, but ultimately, your wedding theme should represent your taste and incorporate elements that feel true to who you are. 



Travel Theme Wedding

Kenn & Frann Travel Theme Wedding By Rings & Bouquet Wedding Planning

Rustic Elegance Wedding Theme

Junneth & Joanna Rustic Elegance Theme Wedding By Rings & Bouquet Wedding Planning

Shabby Chic Wedding Theme

Siryll & Richie Shabby ChicTheme Wedding By Rings & Bouquet Wedding Planning

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme

alice in wonderland theme wedding

Black Theme Wedding

Whimsical Theme Wedding

Bohemian Theme Wedding


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Your wedding would not be complete without the bride’s wedding bouquet and bridesmaids. So, a wedding florist plays a significant role on your wedding day. 

Wedding Bouquet & Flowers

Cascading Bridal Bouquet By Ross Bato
Round Hand Bridal Bouquet By Ross Bato

Your wedding flower will make your wedding day more beautiful by providing beautiful flower arrangements. Your wedding flowers’ value will vary depending on your style and needs. The bride and her bridesmaids should bring a bouquet. You can also enable your florist to create an additional arrangement for your bouquet toss (if you choose to do one) or your flight.

What does a wedding package include?

It’s nice to plan a wedding and follow the wedding’s desired themes and motifs.

Aside from the wedding theme, the Rings & Bouquets Events and Weddings’ wedding package should consider planning your wedding. 

Of course, that depends on whether the venue is cheap, premium, or luxurious. In some cases, a wedding package is a flat fee. Flat fee packages are more common in small wedding venues. Sometimes, a wedding package is a simple charge per person with the required minimum number of guests.  

How to decide what food should prepare for a wedding?

There are many features that guests will remember about your wedding day: beautiful theme, great music, the happy couple shining, and, of course, the wedding food. Yes, that means the menu should be at the top of your list of priorities. 

But before deciding what food to prepare for the wedding, you need to know what kind of food is available at a wedding venue. One also needs to consider how many guests will attend the event, and the couple should let their guests know if they are allergic to seashells. The wedding planner will work together and suggest the best financing for the wedding event.

How do I Invite Guests to My Wedding?

You are warmly invited! Yes, with wedding invitations you can send to your family and friends the great news you want to share with them. 

As a wedding planner, his responsibility is to create a unique and beautiful wedding invitation. The couple can use their personal stamp or ideas in making a valuable and lavish but affordable. 

Details are essential to every person who witness the event and will never forget the couple’s “I Do” by giving the wedding favors to the guests.  

If you’ve ever thought about skipping wedding favors, it is your choice! As most favors don’t make their way home with guests. You are already taking care of your guests with cocktails, dinner, and desserts. But, if you prefer to have wedding favors, that will be good also. 

What Are Wedding Accessories?

Of course, the wedding cannot go on and be complete without the bride and groom’s accessories. That includes what the bride will wear, such as the wedding veil, wedding dresses, wedding shoes, hair, and makeup accessories to emphasize and better reflect the couple. Most importantly, the rings of the bride and groom. These items will be captured and focused on by the wedding photographer. 

Say cheese! With just one click, the moment will probably be remembered and remembered again. That is the good thing about having a wedding photographer and thinking about an event that means something meaningful in your life.

Your wedding is one of the most salient events in your life. It will mean a lot to you, so you need to look and act as best you can. The cue to creating a successful wedding event in Davao City is preparing, preparing, and preparing, so you should plan which bridal car you want to use as your wedding car.

The wedding ceremony will be dull without a wedding host or emcee’s intelligence. The host and hostess invite guests to all wedding functions, ensuring guests sign the wedding book or at the reception. Guests also let them know where they will sit and when their table will go to the buffet. 

While the wedding singer will be the one who performs at wedding ceremonies or receptions, depending on their client’s preferences, successful wedding singers can fulfill all the roles requested by their clients.

Hence, a wedding is something that you need to think over and over again. It is not easy to enter such a sacred ceremony, but with the help of a wedding planner and the Rings & Bouquet Events and Weddings, your dream wedding will make it happen!

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Wedding Menu: Treat Your Guests!

wedding menu

Cheers to the one that you love!

The wedding menu at the wedding is the most important thing to consider for the upcoming celebration. 

Wedding menu in Davao

If there’s one thing your guests will never forget about your wedding aside from your dress and the venue, it’s the FOOD!

It is an exciting activity in the wedding process because you will try different types of delicious food from various restaurants here in Davao City. 

The food tasting is not just a simple tasting. The chosen wedding menu are unique as you are, and that is why we create personalized menus for every bride and groom. It reflects your personal and unique taste and style; food and beverage offerings at the wedding are carefully planned to ensure quantity, quality, and exceptional guests’ presentation. 

But it is a long process when you are thinking about wedding planning.  You keep on thinking about what to do, the wedding dates, the wedding accessories, the wedding venue, the guest’s list, and what kind of food and beverages you should offer. 

Sit back and relax! The Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding will help you and provide all your needs. On the flip side, a wedding planner will be the one to collaborate and consult with the prestigious and fabulous catering restaurants that serve exceptional food and will also cater for wedding food and beverages near your area. Also, Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding will offer you the types of wedding packages that suit your budget. 

Wedding Package in davao

But before deciding what food to prepare for the wedding, you need to know what kind of food is available at a wedding venue. You need to call a wedding planner, fairy godmother, to be exact. 

Wedding Menu Tips you might want to consider before choosing your food and drinks.

  1. Know your wedding budget to get the best wedding package.
  2. Know your guests – Remember, even if it’s your big day, you need to consider your guests’ taste buds.
  3. Know your style – through the help of your wedding planner, all you have to do is to sit, taste, and decide.

Many things need to be considered when thinking about the wedding menu that will be featured during your wedding day. To secure a successful and stress-free wedding planning process, be sure to remember the essential planning tips. Remember to have fun with your food choice and add unique elements to distinguish the food.

Are you looking for quality service and high-end food?

We recommend Cinci’s Bar and Restaurant. The owner and staffs are very accommodating, neat, hospitable, kind, and well-trained waiters. Make your wedding day memorable with Cinci’s Bar and Restaurant. 

Wedding menu in Davao

This restaurant serves different kinds of food that you might like.


  • Thai Spicy Beef
  • Sweet and Spicy Beef
  • Beef Brisket
  • Beef Broccoli
  • Beef in Hoisan, etc.


  • Pork Steak
  • Pork Tausi
  • Pork Tonkatsu


  • Lemon Glazed Chicken
  • Thai Lemon Grass Chicken
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Garlic Chicken, etc.


  • Buttered Shrimp
  • Mixed Seafood, etc.


  • Baked Vegetables
  • Shanghai Lumpia
  • Buttered Vegetables, etc.


  • Spaghetti
  • Carbonara
  • Fruits
  • Salad, etc.

To make the dining experience special, add wedding ideas and tips and tricks for better intimate wedding planning

Read: Sweet Ideas from the Best Intimate Wedding Planner in Davao City

At Rings & Bouquets Events Wedding, we can do magic and make your dream come true. Just like Cinderella’s story, your Forever Starts Today.

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Wedding Venue in Davao: A Place To Forever

Have you ever dreamed about having a grand venue at your wedding?

Hurray! You are almost there!

A wedding venue is one of the essential things a couple should consider. It is a place where the couple and the guests will share their most memorable big day of the couple’s life. 

Why is Venue Important in Wedding Planning?

It is such a wonderful blessing for the couple who have experienced a glorious and excellent wedding day.

It is also good to have the best venue that really defines you and your love story. 

But the questions are–

  1. Where should I start?
  2. Who should I ask?
  3. How to get the best wedding venue for us?

For the number 1, of course, do not go any further. Here’s the Rings & Bouquet Events Weddings ready to serve you!  

The R&B Events Weddings will offer you all-inclusive wedding packages that range your budget with the help of your wedding planner.

With your wedding planner’s guidance and supervision, choosing your wedding venue is a lot easier for you. It is already included in the Rings & Bouquet Events Weddings’ wedding packages, so no more stress in looking for the right place for you.

You can select a venue that fits your preference as a couple. Or one that is suitable for your ideal wedding event. For example, you can choose a beach wedding resort, a private estate for a classy environment, or a garden that fits nature themes. 

Are you looking for the perfect and affordable wedding venue?

Rings & Bouquet Events Management Services has everything you need and more! Check out our list below!

Wedding Venues in Davao

There are several places for your wedding that you can choose from here in Davao city. Outlined below are some of the recommended wedlock party places which are on top of the list of Rings and Bouquet.

AvenYou Event Place 

It is located at the 2nd floor F & L Building, Quimpo Blvd, Davao City.

The place is a super clean, spacious, and very accessible event place! It is highly recommended!

D’ Leonor Hotel

D” Leonor Hotel offers you a convenient, promising, and pleasant place to celebrate with. Located at JP Laurel St., Bajada, Davao City.

Casa Vieja 

Casa Vieja (Old House), a home fronting San Pablo Church, has been transformed to provide Davao with an events venue for garden and indoor functions.

Cinci’s Bar and Restaurant

Located at Royal Valley, Bangkal, Davao City.

If you want a simple, unique but sophisticated venue, Cinci’s Bar and Restaurant is a good choice. The ambiance is very romantic, cozy, and tidy and the food is super delicious, and the staff is very accommodating.

Green Heights

The venue is lovely for parties or any gatherings, as well as their Olympic size swimming pool. It is located at Diversion Road, Buhangin, Davao City.

Rendezvous Event Venue & Buffet

For a perfect solution for corporate events, receptions, and parties, and wedding events, RENDEZVOUS EVENT VENUE & BUFFET is right for you. It is located at Mki Inn Building, Door 1 & 2, Villa Josefina, Gen. Douglas MacArthur Hwy Davao City.

Acacia Hotel Davao

If you want your special moments more memorable, celebrating your day with them. Feel that remarkable Filipino hospitality as we take care of your business needs in our function room. It is located at JP Laurel Ave., Lanang, Davao City.

Executive villa Inn & Suites

It is located at Cabantian Subdivision, 42 Hope Street, Buhangin, Davao City.

If you want to stay overnight after the event, The Executive Villa Inn & Suites is a good choice for you. The Villa has excellent services and superior facilities that are for an unforgettable stay.

Tola Davao

If you like a traditional wedding day, try this traditional home-style restaurant offering local Davao cuisine and classic Filipino food in Balay Oboza Compound (143) Rizal St (corner Bangoy St.) Davao City, one of the city’s most enduring heritage houses.

These places are highly recommended by the Rings & Bouquet Events Weddings. Discover why these places are great for your next wedding event. Call us now! 0927-519-0442