About Us

The love for art is the turning point of the story of Rings and Bouquet (formerly RB Events).

The journey of Rings and Bouquet started with the dream of an artist who’s driven by passion. Ms. Ross Bato, being an artist, made use of her wonderful hands for handicrafts through she got a fan who also became her first client.

In 2019, the same fan believed in her. She asked Ms. Ross if she could style up their wedding using bottles, recycled materials, and other artwork.

That’s when she thought of venturing into the event planning industry. That’s when she first had the sign of her calling in the wedding planning career.

After which, more successful events came. Soon, just when she thought that everything was sailing smoothly, perilous times came. Her love for wedding planning was put to a test. Nonetheless, that became the opportune time for Ms. Ross to meet a friend in the industry in the person of Vince.

During the time of COVID-19 pandemic, they were working on hoops and flowers. That’s when the brand name, “Rings and Bouquet” came into existence. The tagline, “Forever starts today” was made by Vince to signify the message of the symbolisms of the brand—ring and bouquet.

Essentially, Rings and Bouquet is a story of art, friendship, dreams, and hardship.

Until now, RnB continues to serve local clients in Davao city, Philippines catering to wedding, debut, corporate, and all other types of event needs.